Understanding the management of personal records at home: A virtual guided tour


Balogh, M., Billingsley, W., Paul, D., Kennan, M.A. “Understanding the management of personal records at home: A virtual guided tour”, Information Research, 27(2), paper 926, 2022.


This paper considers how we can better manage personal records in the home by addressing questions such as how and why personal records are retained in an electronic form and how they are managed.


A qualitative method with semi-structured interviews was used. Participants were recruited through social media. The interviews included virtual guided tours of personal records. There were thirty participants in twenty-two interviews (some interviews were with couples).


Each stage of the personal records management process described by participants was observed and categorised, resulting in an inclusive flow diagram.


The management of personal records at home can be categorised and described in terms of a flow. Some commonalities were found between personal information management in the workplace and at home, such as the frequent use of e-mail to manage records and the use of micro-notes and reminders.


Personal records management at home can be described as a flow through which records progress. The fact that the study of personal information management has rarely addressed personal information management at home offers many opportunities for fruitful future research.

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