Validating Time Efficiency of AOSR 2.0: A Novel WMS Planner Algorithm for SMEs, under Industry 4.0


Ud Din, F., Paul, D., Ryan, J., Henskens, F., Wallis, M. “Validating Time Efficiency of AOSR 2.0: A Novel WMS planner Algorithm for SMEs, under Industry 4.0”, Journal of Software, 15(2), pp. 53-61, 2020.

Agent Oriented Storage and Retrieval \(AOSR\) WMS planner algorithm is part of the general Agent Oriented Smart Factory \(AOSF\) framework, which provides a comprehensive Supply Chain \(SC\) architecture to help bridge the gap between Industry 4.0 standards and SME-oriented setups. This paper provides validation of AOSR algorithm with respect to time efficiency on top of substantially improved performance efficiency in SME-oriented warehousing operations. This article, which is part of a series of recent contributions, explains the efficiency of AOSR WMS planner algorithm in scenario-based test cases with experimentation in certain WMS Key Performance Indicators \(KPIs\).

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