Portal-based Support for Mental Health Research


Paul, D., Henskens, F.A., Johnston, P. and Hannaford, M.R. “Portal-based Support for Mental Health Research”, Grid Computing Environments Workshop (GCE), Supercomputing SC06, IEEE Computer Society and ACM, Tampa, Florida, Nov 2006.

This paper describes experiences with the use of the Globus toolkit and related technologies for development of a secure portal that allows nationally-distributed Australian researchers to share data and application programs. The portal allows researchers to access infrastructure that will be used to enhance understanding of the causes of schizophrenia and advance its treatment, and aims to provide access to a resource that can expand into the world’s largest on-line collaborative mental health research facility. Since access to patient data is controlled by local ethics approvals, the portal must transparently both provide and deny access to patient data in accordance with the fine-grained access permissions afforded individual researchers. Interestingly, the access protocols are able to provide researchers with hints about currently inaccessible data that may be of interest to them, providing them the impetus to gain further access permissions.

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