Web Browser Transactionality


Wallis, M., Paul, D., Henskens, F. A. and Hannaford, M. R. “Web Browser Transactionality”, The 5th International Conference on Web Information Systems & Technologies (WEBIST2009), Lisboa, Portugal, INSTICC, pp. 93-100, March 2009.

As the complexity of web applications increases new challenges are faced in relation to data integrity and system scalability. Traditional client server fat applications allow for a high level of transactionality between the client and server, due largely to transactional protocols and tight coupling between components. Transactional functionality within web applications is historically limited to within the web server hosting the application. The scope of the traditional transaction in this context does not extend outside of the web server and its attached services. This paper proposes that web applications can achieve increased system integrity by extending the scope of the transaction to encompass tasks performed by the web browser. An additional layer is introduced to the standard HTTP protocol to facilitate the new functionality, and a simulator is presented as the basis for further research.

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