Dynamic Transactional Workflows In Service-Oriented Environments


Paul, D., Henskens, F. A. and Hannaford, M. R. “Dynamic Transactional Workflows In Service-Oriented Environments”, The 9th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST2013), Aachen, Germany, pp. 26-36, 2013.

Transactions in service-oriented environments, such as those provided by Web Services, traditionally support a reduced set of the ACID properties. This has typically required providers to constantly offer a fixed level of transaction support for each client request to a service. Further, clients have been limited in their ability to combine services with different transactional guarantees into a single workflow. We present a mechanism that allows the dynamic specification of transaction support for a given service call, and a cost-based model that allows clients to automatically reason about workflows consisting of service requests with various levels of transaction support. A Web Services transactions simulator is used to verify the viability of this dynamic transaction scheme, with results indicating potential benefits for both service providers and clients.

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